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My name is Alan Repech, and I am lucky to be able to live in both Sonoma County, CA wine country and Nevada County Gold country.

My goal is to evoke physical, cognitive, spiritual, and perhaps even emotional responses by working with the visual sense. Please enjoy this photoblog and interpret the photos in your own unique way. My musings included with the photos are just that – mine. I invite you to incorporate and integrate beyond your physical being by invoking your mind, your spirit and your emotions.

I have had a life long love affair with pictures, movies, sculpture, painting – really anything visual. Most of my work depicts nature and landscapes, but I also enjoy shooting candids.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you like the photos and musing you’ll find in this site.

I believe in wisdom through pictures.


I’m Flying!

I’m flying! Wouldn’t that be cool. You get to look down and survey your surroundings from a completely different perspective. I guess that’s what first got everyone going on trying to fly like the birds. Flapping contraptions, falling off cliffs, jumping out of airplanes – what are we thinking? Just get some wings, face the wind, and soar! Well, sure, it’s not that easy, but what if we approached our lives in such a manner?

Get some wings – knowledge, tools, skills – whatever is needed for the situation. Face the wind – lean into the work, take out your pencils, begin. Soar – detach from the results – you’re flying!

Where Ya’ Headed?

So I’m out for a stroll on the beach – trying to find some quiet time. And wouldn’t ya’ know it. Along comes Rob and Tammi (with an I). Gosh they’re annoying. It starts right away. “What are you doing? Are you by yourself? Do you go to movies on your own? Doesn’t that big house of yours feel empty when you get home? Don’t you want to be married? Are you gay? . . . ”

My focus right now is to “Get out of my head and into purposeful action with real people – without attachment to the outcome.”

San Francisco Postcard

Lego Painted Ladies

Hangin’ out in SF – that’s where. Is it real?

Well, it’s as real as you want it to be. Sure in this case it’s the “Painted Ladies” in San Francisco built out of Legos, but they too can be very real if you wish it to be so.

You’ve heard it before. Things are not always what they seem. You can’t judge a book by its cover. There are probably more like that. But if you notice all of these are judgements even if the word, “judge,” doesn’t appear in them. Why not just take things as they are – in the present moment without trying to place them into a neat box with a clear label?

This is quite difficult to do as everyone knows because we want to simplify the world around us (read, “dumb it down”), so we can better understand it. True understanding requires collecting the data, contemplating it, absorbing it, and then just leave it alone for a while. Don’t forget about it – you’ll probably find the memory useful later on. But now you’ve taken it in, so you’re able to express new ideas because the experience helped shape who you are.

Innovative Perspectives

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